7th October 2012…. The morning started with loads of anticipation and excitement… All in wait for the evening… A T-20 final clash beckoned… Everybody’s second favorite cricket team after their own home country vs the Sri Lankans – the eternal finalists. 
WEST INDIES – A team with a glorious past, a team which gave us the fearsome foursome… A team which gave us heavenly players like Richards and Lara…A team which strode like a giant in the days gone by But over the past decade and a half disintegrated into oblivion showing only occasional flashes of brilliance.
SRI LANKA – The steadier of the two. The eternal finalists. A team which slowly built on its 1996 World Cup win to become a force to reckon with..A team built on its own foundation of twin towers – SANGAKARA and JAYAWARDENE, two senior players still searching for that elusive final win.
West Indies won the toss and chose to bat…Waiting for the Gayle force to explode but sadly it didn’t happen, The Lankan Lions bowled their hearts out and Gayle went into his own shell only to be dismissed for 3. The first ten overs produced next to nothing…Only a paltry 32 after 10 overs.. The Lankans thought they had the match in their grasp and for a while it seemed so and then MARLON SAMUEL’S – Gayle’s understudy chose his stage to shine.. And shine he did by carting one of the best T-20 bowlers Slinger Malinga into submission… He batted as if he came from another planet to score a majestic 78 ably supported by a captain who knew his role- DARREN SAMMY who scored a priceless 26… The last ten overs produced a hundred runs but still was it enough to beat Lankans on there own turf.. A mere 138 to win….
The ball in hand.. Magic had to happen for Windies to win the cup. And it did through RAVI RAMPAUL who produced the ball of the tournament to rock Dilshan’s stumps. And that was all the Windies needed to ruffle the Lankans… A web was being spun around through the spin trio of Naraine, Badree, Samuels and Gayle… A Web which slowly peeled off the Lankan Innings… And then there was the selfless SAMMY who bowled like the night belonged to him. Eventually the cup went to the CALYPSO BOYS much to delight of every cricketing fan. The Pre Tournament Favorites won the cup while the Lankans were left yearning… Another so near yet so far story…Another Falter at the final hurdle…
In a way it was a fitting end to SAMMY’s fairytale. A Captain whose sole purpose was to unite the team. He was everybody’s favorite punching bag. But it was his night.. A Carribean style finish… Hope this sparks off the a revival and brings back the glory days of the past… IF U BUILD THE TEAM…VICTORY WILL COME…

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