Tennis consists of two kinds of players -Mere Mortals and ROGER FEDERER.  Very rarely does a sportsman dominate his rivals with such ease and grace as Federer does. Watching him on court is like watching an artist perform on stage. A maestro composing his own symphony.
A rare gem with an all round game. His magical forehand as the opponent watches in awe and his backhand smash are shots that will stand the test of time. Even during his period of slam drought over the past two years he was as graceful as ever. Just when you thought the fire was fading, he comes back in his own inimitable style to win a grand slam in tennis’s hallowed turf.
17 and counting… That he is known as Fedex is an irony. For when he plays time seems to freeze as we watch amazed.
I would like to finish off with a quote by Jimmy Connors which aptly sums up the great man ““In an era of specialists, you’re either a clay court specialist, a grass court specialist, or a hard court specialist…or you’re Roger Federer.” Though there may be many pretenders. There is, was and will always be one king of tennis– ROGER FEDERER. 

LONG LIVE THE KING!  Let the reign continue.


  1. I agree Roger Federer is a great player and will be considered among all time greats. i still remember his famous match against great Pete Sampras , he was unknown player then for Tennis fans and nobody expected him to do well and win in that match but he surprised everyone that day and then everyone knew that this guy will go on to do well in years to come. Glad that he did not disappoint the Tennis fans who have great expectation from him.


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