What happens when you remake a blockbuster to adapt to the regional taste you expect an end product which at least matches up to the original. But sadly Osthe fails big time. The film takes up the tried and tested premise, The Cop vs The Dishonest Politician but fails to deliver.


Silambarasan ( Or STR as he styles himself ) plays the cop Osthe Velan. After two good outings in Vaanam and VTV STR returns to dialogue blabbering ( Father and Son alike ? ). After a promising debut in Mayakkam Enna Richa Gangopadhyay is reduced to a mere glam doll. Neither of them match up to Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha. 

The supporting cast has very little to do except praising STR and giving him the necessary build up. Neither of them speak the native slang well.What was the need anyway  ? Thaman’s music and Santhanam’s one liners save the film from being mediocre. For Thaman it is a welcome break in Tamil. The much hyped Kalasala is good but in no way does it match up to Munni.

After a rocking start with Dhill, Dhool and Gilli Dharani has faded out. The fire and drive to succeed which was evident in his earlier films seems lacking. Time to wake up Dharani. Enough of remaking blockbuster scripts.Time to think something fresh Mr Dharani. You owe it to the audience.

A very big thumbs down.


( I found it frustrating to sit through the entire length of the film.)


One thought on “OSTHE- ONLY IN THE TITLE

  1. Hi nice initiative…keep going…

    on the first place STR is no match for the role…i believe it should hv been vikram…not even suriya…& Kalasala….mallika sherawath was not utilized to her full potential…


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